We provide thorough solutions, proud of the synergy of our experts’ skills in process design, facilities operation, and construction-site management.


Visualization and Conceptualization

- Development of Basis of Design.
- Feasibility Studies.
- Preliminary Process Design Packages.
- Process Technical and Economical Consultancy.
- Technical Consultancy on Used Facilities.
- Assessment and Selection of Licensed and Unlicensed Technologies.
- Conceptual Engineering.
- Preliminary Cost Estimate (Capex and Opex).
- Master Planning of Field Developments (new, mature and unconventional fields).


- Simulation and Modelling of Processes.
- Equipment Designs (Separators, Air Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Absorption and Desorption Columns, Distillation Columns, Filters).
- Design of Safety and Venting Systems.
- Design of Auxiliary Services / Utilities Systems.
- Design of Fire Fighting Systems and Networks.
- Schedule A Engineering Packages (Sch. A).
- Basic Engineering / Basic Engineering Packages (BEP).
- Value Engineering Studies.
- Engineering Consistency Analysis.
- Engineering Supervision and Review (Owner’s Engineering).


- Extended Basic Engineering.
- Process Support for Detail Engineering.
- Process Support for Constructability and 3D Modelling Analysis.
- Preparation of Operations Manuals.
- Development of Operating Procedures.
- Oversight of Equipment and Modules Manufacture in Workshop.
- Oversight of on-site Construction and Assembly.

Commissioning, Start-up and Operation

- Development and Execution of Test Runs.
- Bottleneck Elimination Studies.
- Revamping of Existing Facilities.
- Assessment of Existing Equipment and Facilities.
- Energy Conservation and Efficiency Studies (Pinch Analysis).
- Operational Optimization and Troubleshooting Studies.
- Pre-Commissioning Support and Management.
- Development of Commissioning and Start-up Procedures.
- Commissioning and Start-up Support and Management.
- Facilities Operation Support.



- Process Simulation.
- Process Safety.
- Facilities Operation.
- Upstream Technologies.
- Downstream Technologies.
- Design of Equipment and Devices.


Special Studies

- Dynamic Process Simulations.
- Process Safety Studies.
- Hydrodynamic Studies / Flow Assurance.
- Waterhammer Studies.
- Contaminant Emission and Dispersion Studies.
- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling of Equipment.
- Equipment and Plant Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA).
- Assessment of Corrosion Prediction in Pipelines and Facilities.
- Technical Audit of Companies and Facilities (Due Diligence).



Risk Management

- Processes Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA).
- Qualitative Risk Assessment (What If, HAZID, HAZOP).
- Semi-Quantitative Risk Assessment (LOPA).
- Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Selection Assessment for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).
- Process Safety Compliance Audits.
- Development of Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management (RMP) Programs.



We run and manage every project taking into account each and every detail, all along the way. Always up to date on systemic development, we support our Customers’ projects from visualization to execution. The solutions we bring to our Customers include:

- Project Management Support.

- Project Direction.

- Construction Control or Construction-site Management.

- Engineering and Project Management Standards.

- Strategic Project Planning.



Our procurement strategy is based on our experts’ global experience and our long-term relationships. Our team has participated in several international projects, purchasing materials and hiring assembly and construction services. The solutions our commercial management service provides include:

- Preparation of Tendering Documents for Procuring Materials and Equipment.

- Preparation of Tendering Documents for Hiring Construction and Assembly Services (turnkey, lump sum or other methods).

- Assessment and Analysis of Supplier Offers.

- Procurement Management with Global Suppliers (including USA, Europe, India, and China).

- Support for Material Procurement Management and Hiring of Construction and Assembly Services.